for so many people, cancer is detected too late.

we are changing that.

Landing Med has developed the world's first
fully automated pre-cancer detection system.

Join us in bringing cervical cancer screening
to communities around the world.


Automated cloud-based platform for remote cancer screening and diagnosis

The Landing Cyto System performs fully automated scanning and analysis.
Analysis is performed by an automated intelligence system that has been trained on a database of millions of samples. It classifies each cell, measures the amount of DNA in its nucleus, and determines whether the cell is normal or atypical.
Because diagnoses are based on dual Feulgen DNA and EA50 staining on the same slide which allows visualization and measurements of both qualitative and quantitative features, the Landing Cyto System offers an unparalleled level of standardization and quality control.

Around the world, there are too few pathologists per patient

With a cloud system, more patients can be screened

The cloud aids pathologists with the diagnosis

Most of the work can be automated, which reduces pathologists’ workload, increases throughput, and saves time.

Analysis by the cloud improves the accuracy of the results, especially for pathologists with less experience.

How the Landing Cloud System works


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