Tibet, China, July 19th 2019. The Tibet Shannan Cervical Cancer Screening Center and Landing Med Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Diagnostic Laboratory jointly announced the opening of a new AI and Cloud laboratory supported by the Shannan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The commissioning of this institution marks the beginning of a new chapter in cervical cancer screening for Tibetan women, who will benefit from quick and accurate service provided by Landing Med’s AI platform technology.

The project was fully supported by the Hubei Provincial Health and Safety Committee and the Shannan Municipal Government. The center uses CytoScan artificial intelligence platform and cloud diagnostic system developed by Landing Med Cloud Lab. These AI scanners transfer slide images to the cloud diagnostic platform via the Internet. The AI calculation algorithms perform automated analysis allowing expert pathologists to remotely review each slide for a final diagnosis. Women can receive test reports through their mobile phones with very quick turnaround, particulary in the case of negative results. This approach has many advantages over conventional cytology such as high screening efficiency, higher rates of precancerous and positive lesions detected, and low screening cost, to mention only a few.

Historically it was challenging to organize cervcial cancer screening in Shannan. Most of the women are dispersed through various farms and rural areas and collecting cervical samples, then sending them to the nearest city, was time consuming and frequently resulted in lost specimens or difficulty in following up with positive cases. Opening collection and sample preparation centers that will scan slides and upload data will allow fast turnaround and will solve a chronic need for more local expert pathologists.

So far this approach to cervical cancer screening has been successfully implemented in Hubei, Shanxi, Yunnan, Henan, Shenzhen and few other places. It also proves that AI and cloud computing are very suitable for a large-scale population based cervcial cancer screening.