Cytology is a very new field in China, and today’s practicing pathologists have received little to no training in it. This is one of the biggest obstacles we face in efforts to introduce large scale cancer screening programs to the country. The Landing Cyto System’s ability to produce automated diagnoses goes a long way in overcoming this obstacle, but in order to maintain the highest standards of quality control, the responsibilities of oversight and final sign off on reports fall to a pathologist. Furthermore, having knowledgable cytotechnologists run the Landing Cyto System affords obvious advantages.

In light of this urgent need for trained personnel, we opened China’s first accredited cytology school in the city of Wuhan. Our first class of 30 students were trained in both traditional and automated cytology and are now interning at our automated cancer screening laboratory.

This was a great start, and now we are looking to partner with existing cytology training programs in the U.S. to expand our program and ensure it meets the highest international standards.