A new cervical cancer screening service has arrived.

• Landing Med will come to you to collect your sample

• An artificial intelligence system will diagnose your sample via the cloud

• Your diagnosis will be reviewed by an expert pathologist

• You'll receive your report directly on your mobile phone

Find out when Landing Med’s sample collection bus will be in your neighborhood and make your appointment to get your sample collected.

No more going to the hospital and waiting in long queues.

Upload to cloud

Your sample will be scanned by our automated system and uploaded to Landing Med’s cloud network.

Intelligent diagnosis

Landing Med’s artificial intelligence system detects cancer in its earliest stages instead of the usual late-stage diagnosis.

Pathologist review

Your diagnosis will be reviewed by an expert pathologist to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

After two days, scan your QR code and view your report and followup recommendations directly on your smartphone.

You will no longer need to call or return to the hospital to view your results.


I thought the screening would be painful or embarrassing, but actually it was easy, painless, and fast.


Lab Manager

Screening for everyone or I’ll burn your city.


Mother of Dragons

Wait I’m a dude.



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