Blood and Bone Marrow Image Analysis System

The Blood and Bone Marrow Image Analysis System is based on our Landing Cyto System. It’s a fully automated, high-resolution cell image analysis system used to screen and diagnose blood and bone marrow diseases.

First, the system automatically selects and scans a region of the slide. It has autofocus capabilities and records an image of each field of view, as well as the position of each leukocyte for potential visual review. The system then counts and classifies each leukocyte.

It also morphologically analyzes the leukocytes and provides a wide range of data on their characteristics. A summary of this data, along with images of cells of interest, are presented in an automated diagnostic report.

For more information about the Blood and Bone Marrow Image Analysis System, please contact us.


  • Scans, analyzes, and diagnoses blood cells and produces automated report within 10 minutes
  • Records each white blood cell scanned
  • Able to locate each cell for review and confirmation of diagnosis
  • Convenient to use, results are accurate; suitable for all types of hospitals

  • Spatial resolution: ≥1.2 million pixels
  • Grayscale: 256 levels
  • Stage positioning precision: X ≤ µm; Y ≤ 10µm
  • Objective magnification: 40X
  • Recording speed: 3-15 frames/second
  • Power consumption rate: ≤500 VA