Wuhan, July 10, 2017. During the 2017 Conference of Overseas Chinese, Pioneering and Developing China, Landing Med organized the “Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Forum” where the use of artificial intelligence and cloud computing for cervical cancer screening was demonstrated to over 200 participants.

Landing Med was started by Dr Xiaorong Sun. Over the past several years she and her team have developed a cloud computing artificial intelligence application that has been the first one ever used in cervical cancer screening. The forum participants were able to see a live demonstration of conventional and current approach using cloud, as practiced by the Landing Central Laboratory in Wuhan.

Two Landing Cyto Systems were used, one unit at the conference room, the other one in Luoyang city, Henan Province. Slides were scanned at both sites and uploaded to the Alibaba cloud. There, measurements, calculations and cell classification were done automatically in a matter of minutes. The cytopathologist Dr Wu was invited to review the data generated by the cloud on his tablet. The patient was able to download her negative result by scanning a QR with her mobile phone. Every QR code is unique and is provided with the patient’s registration form.

In the second part of the forum, several talks and panel discussions concluded that this approach might be the future of cervical cancer screening in China.

It is known that cervical cancer in China is the second most frequent cancer among women. The access to quality screening programs is usually limited to large cities. The coverage rate in these cities is 25%, while in rural areas the coverage is only 18%. This number is way below coverage rates in developed countries where it is usually between 70-80%. Lack of pathologists, infrastructure, and proper quality control are only a few of the issues identified during discussions.

The conclusion reached at the forum was that the Landing Cyto System in combination with cloud computing and mobile services is well positioned to address many deficiencies of the current status quo and has the potential to revolutionize cervical cancer in China and possibly elsewhere too.

Landing Med has more than 300 laboratories across the country and aproximately 20 where the cloud platform is used as a part of diagnostic procedure and quality control. The company processes approximately 1.08 million samples a month and that number is growing. Landing is currently testing the cloud platform with its international partners for the use of the a cloud-based approach in cervical cancer screening outside of China too.

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